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It all started in a rented workshop in some place east Cairo in 1974. Eng. Abd ElHady Abd El Moneim
started Metal-X for engineering works. Now Multi-M group is a light house on the way of the
Egyptian industries and a weighted enterprise on the map of the Middle East industries.
By continuous development, vast expansion and owing the its technical know how, Metal-X became one among
10 most popular building products world wide.
With a very open mind to Globalization both partners have more than one joint venture with Italy, South Africa and
Germany. The Customer oriented policy of the Group as the full commitment of the upper management and full
development of around 1300 employees are all reasons of success. Also serving the national economy was one of the
main targets of the group by exporting to Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar, Uganda, Ghana,
Senegal, Denmark and France.
Acknowledge the importance of the ISO system, Multi-M is 900 : 2000 certified. And because of the group quest to
be environmental friendly, we became ISO14001 certified.

The Group Includes :


Manufacturer of light weight and heavy weight shelving systems as well as expanded metal with all its types.
Metal-X has two factories one of which is responsible for the export. And all building acceress
Metal-X isoo 9001.


Manufacturer of metal furniture. Mohm has a very wide product range that includes office, house, hospital, school,
library and theatre furniture as well as highest quality of outdoor resin furniture. The factory is equipped with the
latest technologies and has a local market share of 30%. Now Mohm has even a larger market share in modern,
wooden office furniture.


Manufacturer of modern, wood house furniture that has a unique trend that made it highly appreciated and
demanded in France and Denmark.

Sister Companies :


Manufacturer of cars, trucks, buses and minibuses seat belts. Also the company feeds Mohm with injection foam.

Multi Meiser

Manufacturer of electrofused bar gratings needed for big projects like cement companies, power station and
petrochemical industries. The company is an Egyptian-German joint venture that is highly equipped.