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Gratings Expanded Metal
How to select METAL -X- Grating and Catwalk
1. First determine the characteristics required; such as: safety,open area and ease of maintenance.
2.You then must determine the clear span, loading condition and load,
3.Then select the proper grating from the table.


The above diagram Illustrates how load stresses are distributed through the strands of Wheeling Catwalk and Structural Gratings.

Cutting and Installation

1.Bonds of adjoining sheets should slope In the same direction.

3.Recessed grating for sumps and pipe trenches.

5.Joining sheets of grating by butting and welding.

6.Joining grating sheets by lapping and welding.



2.Top and bottom side of grating.

4-.Attachment of grating to steel supports by welding or bolting approximately every 6 inches or every four bond.

7.Covering of grating cut-outs.

8. Banding of grating at circular and diagonal cuts.