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Products » METAL-X- Block Reinforcement
METAL-X- Block Reinforcement

Galv, Brickwork reinforcement embedded in the normal thickness of brickwork joints reinforcement of brickwork reduce the detrimental effects of vibration and changes of temperature, also increase resistance to tensional stresses very important for buildings erected on reclaimed ground or on other ground in which settlement may occur combinations of different widths of Exmet may be used to suit any wall thicknessproduce from galvanize steel according to British standards B8-EN 10142 DX51B + Z in width rang from 5 cms up to 30 cms with lengths up to 100 meter.

Brick work size

Stainless steel 304S15 to BS 1449 : Part 2.

Metal-X- Exmet

Galvanised mesh reinforcement for plaster and asphalt, over wall chases and for keying smooth surfaces. Available in 65; 115, 175, 225 and 305 mm widths in 20m and 100m lengths.