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Products » METAL-X- Rib Lath
METAL-X- Rib Lath
(BS 1369 Part 1 : 1987)

Rib-lath is an integrally ribbed expanded metal lath for the construction of suspended ceiling and stud partitions. Manufactured from galvanised steel according to British Standards BS EN 10142 : 1991 with ribs simultaneously roll-formed at 100mm centres (nominal). A metal stiffened by longitudinal ribs, formed in the same steel sheet. Used extensively as a background for external render and stucco work. Rib-Lath is capableof larger spans than are possible with plain metal lath. The sheets are joined by lapping the ribs and wiring them together. Produced in 50 cm, (2ft,) width and 3 meters (10ft.) lenght or according to customer requirements. Produced from galvanised steel or cold rolled bituminized steel.

Manufactured from Stainless steel 304S15 to BS 1449 : Part 2.

Stainless steel 304S15 to BS 1449 : Part 2.

The weight may produce according to customer requirements.