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Products » Terminology Expanded Metal
Terminology Expanded Metal

SWD : Short way of Diamond or design dimension.

LWD : Long Way of Diamond or design dimension. The 3rd, 4th, 5th digits in style designation.

SWO : Short Way of Opening dImension,used to indicate clear opening in the short direction.

LWO : Long Way of Opening dimension,used to Indicate clear opening In the long direction


Bond Sheared : Where two strands intersect, eliminates prongs or jagged edges.

Random Sheared : This type of
shearing leaves prongs or jagged edges.

Grating Selection Chart (Carbon Steel)

The Concentrated. Load deflections for the above Selection chart do not exceed the 6.4 nun maximum, deflection as stated by federal specification RR-G-661b and the generally accepted recommendation for normal pedestrain comfort