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Products » METAL-X- Control Joint Bead Bellows Type
METAL-X- Control Joint Bead Bellows Type
Assists in relieving stress in large plaster areas by reducing to a series of smaller segments. Aids in the control and relief of stress concentrations in large plaster areas for Exterior Portland cement plaster, we suggest control joints be installed so that the plaster panels do not exceed 1659 -meters (14459 FT) with not dimension exceeding 6 meters (20FT) or a length width ratio of 2 1/2 to 1 also provides grounds to assure proper plaster or stucco thickness produced from Galvanised steel with 0.5 mm thickness in 3 meters length or according to customer requirements and according to American standards (AMST C841-76) and galvanised steel have coating Zinc according to American standrads (ASTMA, 123-89)

Stainless steel 304S15 to BS 1449 : Part 2.
Length MM : 3000 MM According to customer requirements